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Metropolitan College of Music
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59 Baggot St Lr Dublin 2 Co. Dublin

Piano Lessons

The piano is one of our most popular instruments to learn as not only can you create amazing music, it is also a valuable tool for improving cognitive development and refining motor skills and hand-eye coordination. We accommodate students of all ages and ability and can help you progress into playing your favoured style of music whether it is jazz, classical etc. Through our tuition, students will gain a strong comprehension of piano practices and theory thanks to our professional instruction platforms.

Advantages of Playing Piano

Motor Skills

Playing the piano can enhance motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It’s predominantly beneficial for children who are still developing.


Playing piano has also been shown to improve mental and academic competences as it stimulates similar parts of the brain used in spatial reasoning and mathematics. Piano has also been proven to increase the memory.


Analysis has shown that playing the piano can have a favourable influence on your mental health, lowering nervousness and worry.


Metropolitan College of Music Dublin

59 Baggot St Lr Dublin 2 Co. Dublin
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